05-04-24 | Engineering

Use What Works

When we redesigned GhostRemix, our talented designer suggested that we add a RapidRead button to offer article summaries for readers in a hurry. I thought this was a great idea. At the time Google had just released Gemma 2B, a smaller model that promised performance on less-than-stellar hardware. And I had also recently taken an interest in Golang, so this presented a fantastic opportunity to gain experience building and deploying a small, useful Go application. The idea was simple, GoGemma wou...

04-20-24 | Engineering


With help from a a great designer, we've given GhostRemix a new coat of paint. In addition to being easier on the eyes, the redesign also adds a RapidRead button that uses GoGemma, our latest open source project, for summarization. It's a simple Go server that leverages a small Google model, Gemma 2B, and uses Redis for caching. As with all of our projects, we've worked hard to make local development and deployment easy, so give it a try. You can find the code here....

02-19-24 | Engineering

Ghost Remix

Hello World Today we’re releasing our first project, GhostRemix, an easily extensible, easy-to-deploy blog built with several popular open source tools. Why? Earlier this year we decided to start publishing some of our thoughts on software development. We looked around at the available blogging platforms, and while we found elements we liked, we wanted something that would make it easy to jump into the code ourselves and make a few tweaks. We had a few criteria. First, we didn’t want to rein...

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